Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Icelandic Ukulele

Today I have something interesting to show you. This is a video of  Svavar Knutur singing a song as a memorial to  Bergþóra Árnadóttir, also an Icelandic singer. Oh... and its on the Ukulele too. 

Svavar Knutur says he discovered the ukulele while in a music store in London. He was looking for a musical instrument to bring back to iceland, when a ukulele caught his eye.

He says:  "The simplicity and elegance of the Ukulele really captivated me and also the beauty of its soft sound-scape."   

We all agree Svavar. 

This isn't really a video that I would normally watch.
First of all I cant understand a single line of it. 
Also, this may be the scariest man in Iceland. 
But after watching it two or three times, it literally was like a siren song. I couldn't stop.  I'm not sure if it was his voice, the accent, or the secret powers of the Icelandic natives, but the dudes got a gift. 

Creepy Dudes from Iceland 
Stay Tuned

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