Friday, April 2, 2010

Call Me Crazy

I was uncertain about posting this on the internet for all to see, but this is too great of a find to not make it on the blog. This set of pictures goes back about a year.

A little backstory may be needed. See, I'm what you call Obsessive Compulsive, which means once I get into something, you will need to pry my cold dead hands away from it. Also, My family shops at Costco. I have no idea what in the world compelled me to do this.

By the way, if your lactose intolerant, Stop Reading Now

The first one is simple enough. Its a design that you could possible find in a supermarket, displaying boxes of beer.

Then things get serious.

I call this one Churnhenge

Someone I know once told me that Churnhenge was moving. Like emotionally. I just thought I was stacking butter.

This next one is straight forward. Gummy Bears make great slaves.

But just look how sad they are.

Now we find out who is in charge of all the building.

Apparently this pepper has freakish boulder lifting strength too. I m not to sure where I was going with this one.

Yeah, call me crazy, but I had a remarkably fun time doing this ...two years ago. And I'm glad I found the pictures again.

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