Thursday, April 29, 2010


I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. Like 8 days. Ive been really busy with work with all the census taking lately. So to comeback with a bang. I have something really cool.

Unless you have been playing Ukulele under a rock for the last couple years, you have heard of Jake Shimabukuro. If you havent, do so below.

These song are really good, and the second one is super catchy. But nothing beats his song "Touch"

Here is an almost perfect version by Dominator.

Originally Dominator had this version tabbed up perfectly and posted on his website. Every chord perfectly, note for note for the entire perfect song. Did I mention that it was perfect ? 

When Jake found out that someone had tabbed this, and many other songs that he wrote, he kindly asked Dominator to remove them and keep them for his personal music collection. So Touch and the others were removed for eternity never to be seen again.

Here is the best part. I have friends in low places and I pulled some strings to bring you the very same tabbed version. Its a little much to digest if you havent been playing Ukulele very long, but I would recommend saving it onto your computer now so you have it for later.

Anyways with no further ado, I present the Touch PDF

Thats all Folks

Jake can
Stay Tuned  (better than I can )

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