Friday, June 18, 2010

Broken Mess

 For about a month I have been obsessed with The Classic Crime. There latest album just came out it its practically perfect. Okay, so that's my opinion but its very good music regardless. One problem though, its so new, that when I search for the chords to their songs I come up empty handed. One song in particular that I have hopelessly been looking for is Broken Mess, It sounded to me like it would be an awesome ukulele cover song. Listen below

 Oh I know its good, you dont have to tell me.

But like i said, if you try to look for chords to the album, prepared to be disapointed.

I have never really been terrific at chording out songs for myself. With the help of my good friend S.P.A.M (its a person not a processed food product)  Steven Paul Andrew Mertance and I chorded out the Song perfectly so im posting it here for you to play.

You, like myself, might have to look up how to play some of these chords, the song is in the key of Db so its easy to sing, but a bother to play. Good luck.

(2) means that the second position of the previews chord is played. This alternate position is usually a few frets higher on the fret board and sounds very similar, its not necessary, but it sounds better and is truer to the song.

                 Db                      Gb
He can't sleep, he can't eat
                    Bbm                     Db                         Ab                    Gb
He keeps thinking about her behind the locked door of her bedroom
                   Bbm                         Db               Ab                   Gb
As she knowingly tortures the shell that is left of her bridegroom
                      Db             Gb
And what did he do to deserve
            Bbm                            Db                   Ab              Gb
This whore of a wife who parades her disgrace to his face now
                    Bbm                            Db                    Ab                    Gb
When he loved her and gave up his life in more ways than she knows how
And all I can say is that
Db                      Bbm                              Gb
Love is a terrible art, it's a hook in the heart
                                          Ebm(2)      Db (2)          Ab
That can drag you on        bro     -     ken           glass
                       Db                                       Bbm 
And as you protest the shards in your flesh  
  The hook tears out your chest
                                      Ebm(2)      Db (2)          Ab
until you're just a       bro     -      ken          mess

                 Db               Gb
Where is God in this rot?
      Bbm                                              Db         Ab                    Gb
Depraved she commits the most heinous of sins and breaks her vows
               Bbm                                 Db               Ab       Gb
But he loves her despite all the crimes she devises in his house
                     Db                    Gb
Where is God? I've been taught
                   Bbm                                  Db                   Ab              Gb
That He's close to the broken, it's true I have spoken with Him some
                Bbm                                  Db                 Ab                     Gb
When I look in my brother's eyes I can see where his love comes from
And all he can say is that

Db                         Bbm                              Gb
Love is a terrible art, it's a hook in the heart
                                           Ebm(2)      Db (2)          Ab
That can drag you on        bro     -     ken           glass
                       Db                                        Bbm 
And as you protest the shards in your flesh  
  The hook tears out your chest
                                      Ebm(2)      Db(2)          Ab
until you're just a       bro     -      ken          mess

      Gb                   Ab                        Db(2)
But he has mercy on her lover and does not bleed him dry
   Ebm(2)             Db(2)                         Ab
A credit to his self control if it were me that monster would probably die

  Db                         Bbm                                           Gb
Love is a beautiful thing, she can make your heart sing
                                         Ebm(2)        Db (2)         Ab
When you're walking on   bro      -     ken            glass
                               Db                                     Bbm                           
She will open your eyes, make your heart feel alive
Point you toward the sunrise                                                                                                                                            Ebm(2)                         Db (2)               Ab
Help you leave all this broken  mess behind
           Db                        Bbm
 Oh Love is a beautiful thing
Ebm(2)                     Db (2)                  Ab
Will you leave this broken mess behind?

*Note because of the fact that I posted these chords from a word document, the chords do not properly align with the spoken words. The chords are correct, just not in the correct places.
(very close)

Does the Classic Crime
Stay Tuned ?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another no-content day

 These last few months have been crazy !! And that's no excuse for me to be lazy and not post anything, but I feel like I can get away with it, mostly because of the few followers I have.

That said, there has been a lot of amazing Ukulele things happening in my little town of Redding, California. Not only have three of my close friends learned the uke, but there is a brand new Ukulele club in town  and I hope to get the jump on it soon.

My three friends Aleisha (Bluebird Russian),Aaron, and Billy are all slowly taking their places as Ukulele gods.

  If you asked me a year ago about the ukulele I would tell you that I call myself the best ukulele player in Redding. Because A) besides myself, and my sister, I was the only ukulele player in redding. and B) Nobody cares who the best ukuklele player in redding is ....

Now however, my skills are being put to the test by my friends. Aaron is picking up things in hours, that took me weeks to figure out  (this I contest, must be because I am such a good teacher) Aleisha, not only has an amazing and sultry singing voice, but is basically 100% self taught. I literally put a ukulele in her hands and said "Go".

And they went, both of them, and just like everyone touched by ukulele, they are addicted. I am constantly getting phone calls from Aaron.

" Oh man Ethan, go listen to this ukulele artist, she is really good."  
or     " I just learned this song, check it out!"

Whats great is having friends that are just as fired up about ukulele as I am.  so take that for what it was.
Also because I feel bad that I haven't posted anything in forever,I give you this:
Proof I should never have a child, or even touch one for that matter.

I have a question. Its my sign of getting cheesy ?
What sign off ?
What do you mean what sign off?
You know !

Stay Tuned