Monday, May 17, 2010

Now I Write Comics Too

I am friends with an amazing artist Benjamin spade
One day he propsed we create a comic.
He wanted to take his art , and my writing a create a beautiful, well developed story.

I liked the idea, so we began drawing up some character designs , and I developed a story, one which we both liked.

Now I cant give away too much about the story, but soon enough I will start posting updates.  Oh by the way, this story doesn't really have anything to do with ukulele, at all.  So to me it seems like a conflict of interest . But hey, I am basically a walking conflict of interest. That, and I posted a bunch of pictures of butter sculptures not too long ago.
Its my blog, ill digress if I want to .

At any rate, if I do decided to put some ukulele playing in the comic, my charecters will always
Stay Tuned