Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The First Song

Its only right that the first song I post here is one of my favorites. It also helps that this is one of the easiest songs that I know on the ukulele. You're all familiar with Maroon 5 right ? Well, they have a rockin little jam called Sunday Morning, and believe it or not, it flows really well on four strings. If you haven't heard it check it out on You-tube below

Now for the chords.
The chords change in the song, at the exact same time the keyboard moves to the next chord,so if you are having trouble with the changes just re-listen to the song. The changes are illustrated by the placement of the chord letter above the word that the changes falls on. If your singing the song, you will know where the chord changes based on what word the chord is above.

Sunday Morning Chords

Oh, and just so there is no confusion, the tabs at the bottom of the page are for guitar. When I transposed the chords from guitar to ukulele, the tabs didn't change. 

Stay Tuned


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